Hampshire Parent Carer Network (HPCN) believes that joint representation can be an important strategic choice in enabling the voices of parent carers to be heard.   To this end Hampshire Parent Carer Network welcomes Associate Organisations which share its vision.

 An Associate Organisation is a separate, autonomous organisation which Hampshire Parent Carer Network recognizes as sharing the interests of HPCN and the parent carer community.  Participation news from an Associate Organisation is welcome and may be publicised by HPCN, with approval from the Chief Executive Officer and/or the Communications Officer.  The Organisation’s staff team may enjoy the benefits of HPCN membership including our monthly e-newsflash and other information mailings.  Associate Organisations do not have any special representation or influence in HPCN’s affairs but we value each other’s views, ideas and opinions and aim to support each other’s work.

 There is currently no cost for becoming an Associate Organisation of HPCN, but this type of membership does have to be approved by HPCN’s Chief Executive Officer.  

If you would like your organisation to become an HPCN associate organisation please contact gailbedding@hpcn.org.uk


Current (2017) associate organisations are:







Hampshire Parent Carer Network is part of the South East region of the National Network of Parent Carer Forums (NNPCF)





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