Down Syndrome Strategy Group

Hampshire SEN Department holds a Down Syndrome strategy meeting roughly once a term. Attendees include SEN officers, SEN inspectors, speech therapists, educational psychologists and other interested professionals. Parent representatives from the voluntary sector also attend: HPCN and Stepping Stones Down Syndrome Group.

A range of topics are discussed at the meetings including training for staff, new strategies for teaching reading to children with Down Syndrome, best practice guidelines and how to ensure that schools are supported to educate children with Down Syndrome, whether in a mainstream or special school setting.

Parent reps helped deliver some of the training into schools for new school starters in spring 2013 and will be doing the same again in 2015. This is an exciting opportunity to help provide schools with useful and relevant information to help them welcome children with Down Syndrome into their schools, to reassure them and to help build relationships between parents and professionals.

If you have any issues or topics you would like us to raise at the next scheduled meeting, or you would like to get involved yourself, please email our Participation Coordinator:


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