What Are Short Breaks?

The Short Breaks programme is designed to enable children and young people with disabilities and/or additional needs to join in with safe, fun and interesting activities. This gives parents or full-time carers an opportunity to have a short break from caring.

What Is HPCN’s Involvement?

Short Breaks services have been developed over the past few years with various Hampshire Parent/Carer Network (HPCN) representatives dedicated to helping to improve the services and activities across Hampshire. HPCN parent reps have worked closely with Hampshire County Council and Parent Voice, and wherever possible, consulted with a wider parent base.

The two main HPCN parent representatives currently working on this project have children with different disabilities and come from two separate areas of Hampshire. They attend various Short Breaks project group meetings and grant panels representing parents’ views in the shaping and development of services.

Which Meetings Does HPCN Attend?

We aim to attend all Project Team meetings, which are held at Hampshire County Council every 6-8 weeks, with a view to improving and developing Short Breaks services. Areas covered include the Gateway Card, Training, Capital Funding, Grant Panels, Young People’s Participation and Providers Forum, Conference and Training.

The Short Breaks reps, as well as other parent carers, have attended the Large Grant Panels and Local Grant Panels in all eight districts of Hampshire, thus having a say in where the money has been spent. Parent representation was also provided on the panel to assess tenders from Overnight Short Breaks Providers.

Where Can I Find Out More About Short Breaks?

A Short Breaks Task Group has developed a Short Breaks Service Statement and guide in order to have a comprehensive and accessible guide to Shorts Breaks and other services, and this is currently being reviewed and updated.



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