Transition & Adult Services

From the Parental Confidence Survey we undertook with Parent Voice in April 2012, it was obvious that there are huge issues at the time of transition from Children’s Services to Adult Services. The conclusion was that Transition Services are currently not meeting the needs of families in Hampshire.

Our view is that transition happens at multiple stages for any young person through the education system, and when moving from education to adulthood. There are, therefore, a number of areas that need to be addressed to improve the transition period for families.

As a result of this, we met with both Children’s Services and Adult Services within Hampshire County Council, and agreed a plan of action which includes several phases:

1. Information gathering and initial stakeholder engagement (June to Sept 2013)

2. Options for service redesign and impact analysis (Oct 2013 to Mar 2014)

3. Implementation (estimated Apr 2014 to Oct 2014)

A team from Hampshire County Council has now completed the initial fact-finding part of the project (phase 1) and is now working on developing a number of options for redesign of transition services (phase 2), taking into account the Children and Families Bill which covers ages 0-25 and comes into force in Sept 2014. The team is also examining the other work which is taking place within Hampshire which impacts on this group, including The Autism Strategy, The Physical Disabilities Strategy and the Learning Disability Strategy.

If you would like to participate in this project, please email our Participation Coordinator:



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