What We Do

HPCN supports and trains parent carer representatives to work alongside the professionals who provide health, education and social services to children and young people in Hampshire.  We also participate in local, regional and national consultations on behalf of our families.  We run a range of initiatives to benefit our members.  Get Together meetings run monthly throughout Hampshire’s regions, offering a range of topics and guest speakers.  Talk Together groups meet in mainstream schools, bringing SENCos and the schools’ parent carers together to improve   outcomes for children.  Learn Together events take place every few months and present an opportunity for parent carers and professionals to gain news skills and experience in supporting children and young people with additional needs.  Our members can keep up to date with our activities by logging on to our website or Facebook feed, checking out our termly newsletter, reading our e-mailings, and via information presented at our many meetings and events.

HPCN has a working partnership agreement with Hampshire County Council and NHS Health which enables parent carer coproduction and participation.    It is part of the South East region of the National Network of Parent Carer Forums NNPCF.

Read our latest Annual Reports:

2017 HPCN Annual Report 

2017 HPCN Accounts


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