Early Years Education for Three and Four Years Olds – Extended Entitlement (‘30 Hours’ Childcare)

Submitted on 19 August 2017 by Charlotte Vaughan

Early Years Education for Three and Four Years Olds – Extended Entitlement (‘30 Hours’ Childcare) 
From 1 September 2017 working parents will be able to claim for additional free early years education/childcare for their three or four-year-old, on top of the current ‘universal’ offer to all families of 570 free hours. Children will be able to attend up to 1,140 hours per funded year in an approved nursery, pre-school or childminder setting, free of charge to parents who are working and meet the eligibility criteria.
The schemes supports the childcare costs of working families or those parents returning to work; including those on low incomes or are self-employed. Many families should have more accessible household income as a result.
In Hampshire we anticipate that between 4,000 to 6,000 three and four-year-old children will be eligible for the additional free childcare hours. Last summer our county-wide survey suggested that about 80% of parents who took part would want to take up some or all of these additional hours.
A list of childcare providers offering the extended entitlement (‘30 Hours’ Childcare) is now available from the Services for Young Children website in section 2:https://www.hants.gov.uk/socialcareandhealth/childrenandfamilies/childcare/payingforchildcare/freechildcare/3and4yearoldoffer
Parents need to apply online for the extended entitlement by using the Government’s Childcare ChoicesService.                            
The Service also details other support available with childcare costs and there is a Childcare Calculator to help parents decide what is best for them.
Due to the current level of applications there is a delay in parents receiving their eligilbility codes in order to secure the additional funded hours. Parents need to contact the childcare service helpline if they have any queries: 0300 123 4097 (Monday – Sunday).
We hope that you can help us to spread the word so that families that are eligible from 1 September 2017 can take up the offer at the earliest opportunity. I am happy to arrange a presentation to staff if this is helpful. Alternatively if you have any specific queries please get in touch on my contact details below.

Carey Owen 

Childcare Information and Communications Officer 
Services for Young Children 
Children's Services Department 
Hampshire County Council, 
4th Floor, Elizabeth II Court North 
SO23 8UG 

Direct Tel: 01962 847085 /Mob: 07793 758840 
General Tel: 01962 847070 
Fax 01962 834546 
Email: carey.owen@hants.gov.uk 
Website: www.hants.gov.uk/childcare  


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