Feedback about your experiences of SHORT BREAKS needed.

Submitted on 07 June 2016 by Nick Hutson

The Short Break is valuable and effective for Parents

If anyone has feedback from others or a direct example of their use of SHORT BREAKS that they are willing to share, we would like to hear from you.

We will be gathering this more systematically over 2016-17, but for now any help you can give is much appreciated.

We continue to keep emphasising the value of the short breaks activities that we have, (including the Buddy scheme and the individual grants) but we would really like some examples of how families have used the SHORT BREAKS provision since Autumn 2015 and how valuable they have have been.

We are also interested in hearing about any gaps families feel are still there and we will include these in our reports to the county.

Comments and feedback should be sent to by mid-June 2016 please.


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